Dear Sweetheart

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m penning this missive with warm discontent against you and the circumstances that surround us. You may not be aware of me but I have been looking for you since I came to know of your existence. You simply couldn’t be found though. There is something about you that’s been cruelly invisible. Perhaps it’s your face. If not, then it’s my mind. In any case, I wonder about the lack of ‘us’ in the future. Not a day goes by I don’t wish we were known to each other. It seems as if you just aren’t anywhere close. Most probably, I am searching in all the wrong directions. That must be one of the reasons why we are still strangers. Out of desperation, sometimes, I fancy you on facebook, but then common sense beats and I pray hard this isn’t the case!


Nobody, nobody can stop you from feeling beautiful.

The only positive outcome of this painful delay is that with every passing day, we are only getting older and a bit wiser. So the experience accumulated in the meantime will tend to enrich our soul. Speaking of which, I worry about you. I admit it’s almost weird to do so especially when the person in question is anonymous. But still, that’s true. Every once in a while I think about your well-being. I do strongly hope you are healthy, optimistic and all the blah associated with Viva la Vida. But as long as I don’t get to see you, I can only speculate. Trust me, I ain’t good at it – I always guess wrong. And right now, I’m guessing that you’ve found your soulmate and are happy with him/her


A modern day loser

Every morning he wakes up feeling like shit. This is before he has tea. Later, he somehow gathers strength to look at himself in the mirror. His face reveals way too many questions and his bloodshot eyes, way too many answers. Trying to figure out what drove him to today, he continues to stare at all the possibilities. Not a thoroughbred narcissist but being a human nonetheless, the staring contest remains winnerless. At last, he asks out of curiosity what has he done to make this world a better place to live in.

Tea: The best thing to have ever happened to water.

After a lot of permutation and subdued bitterness, he arrives at the same point with the same answer: “Hmmmmm….nothing!” At that instance, the tea’s spell on his eyes goes for a toss and the modern-day loser in him promptly goes back to sleep hoping to wake up when today is over.




Blessed are those who can accurately express themselves with words.

Since everybody has an opinion nowadays we have arrived at a stage where we really don’t know how to draw a straight line! One can clearly see this change exposing itself on the online world. If somebody does not agree with somebody else’s thought process that somebody became this somebody’s enemy. Just because their opinions didn’t match! The fact that their underwear matched on that day doesn’t count. Perhaps this is what happens when we are overflowed with data. Most of it unverified. Everybody begins to from a thought school of their own each building on the legend that they know everything about everything. In such a scenario rigidity of discussion grows ultimately leading to poverty on intelligence.


Father’s Day

“Always be on the side of truth my son. Remember, even if the whole world leaves your side, truth will always cling to you and ultimately you will win”  

I still remember my childhood days. I used to get up early to say good morning to him but he was already out for morning job and at night I always wanted to say goodnight but he was late. On for family for us for me, he worked hard did all his efforts put all his power used all his sweat so that we live a comfortable lavish life and he did everything. He never believes in going to a temple and kirtonghor to pray. He would rather lift a person standing in the middle of the road on a scorching hot day and go out of the way to drop him to his destination than going to a holy place. His heart full of good deeds are his temple. I wish I so can be like him! If all else fails in life, if I try and don’t succeed, if I rise to the top, I will always remember to be proud to be what I am, my true self no matter what and all thanks to my father. He has cultivated important values of hard work, humanity respect, compassion for other and always taught us to possess a big heart. I am truly truly blessed to have a father like Khanindra Nath Das.


হোষ্টেল-১ (নমতা বিয়া)

শঙ্কৰদেৱ একাডেমী, নলবাৰীত হায়াৰ চেকেণ্ডাৰী পঢ়ি থকা সময়ৰ কথা। সেই সময়ত আমি বৰ বিয়া প্ৰেমী আছিলো। মানে আমি বিয়া কৰোৱাৰ কথাকোৱা নাই বেলেগৰ বিয়া খোৱাৰ কথা কৈছো। এষাৰ কথা আছে নহয় “এনেই বুঢ়ী নাচনি,তাতে নাতিয়েকৰ বিয়া” আমাৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত – “এনেই হোষ্টেলৰ চলি খকুৱা, তাতে নলবাৰীৰ বিয়া”।

নলবাৰীৰ বিয়াৰ ৰভা যদিও সৰু খানা কিন্তু একদম জবৰদস্ত। আমি আছিলো হোষ্টেলৰ শান্তি নোহোৱা জীৱ। কাৰ পৰা কেনেকৈ খাব পাৰি সেই চিন্তাই অনবৰতে মাথাত খুন্দিয়াই থাকে। বহাগ মাহৰ কথাটো অলপ বেলেগ, মানে বিয়াৰ চিজন যে! গৰম বতৰৰ কাৰণে ৱাৰ্ডেন ও নাথাকে তাৰেই সোণালী সুযোগত বিয়া বুলি যাও আৰু! মাজে মাজে ঠাকুৰে অলপ ঝেং দিছিল-“ঔ কত যোৱা তোমালোকে এই ৰাতি?” শৰ্মা চাৰ (কো-অৰ্ডিনেটৰ) ক কৈ দিম কিন্তু? আমিও আছিলো নাছোৰবান্দা। যাম বুলি ওলাইছো যামেই কোনো কিন্তু নাই ঠাকুৰকো জোচত কৈছিলো কোন শৰ্মা ছাৰ বে! ক’ব ক’ব! সেইবুলি আমি একদম বিয়াৰ ৰিচিপচন কৰা ঠাই পাও গৈ। তাৰ ভিতৰত অন্যতম আছিল প্ৰেমদা হোটেল।

গৈয়ে দাঁতৰ কাম ষ্টাৰ্ত কৰি দিওঁ! দুপাৰি দাঁতৰে মাংসৰ পিছ ত কামোৰ মাৰি! উফ! কি অপূৰ্ব সোৱাদ! নাই নোৱাৰি, দাদা এক দৰ্জন পুৰি দিবছোন! যেন আমাৰ পেট নহয় ধান থোৱা দুলি হে! খাই লৈ দৰাক আশীৰ্বাদ দি সিংহৰ দৰে জপিয়াই জপিয়াই বিচনা পাওগৈ।

পিছদিনা শৰ্মা চাৰৰ জেৰা। মানে আদালতত আচামী হাজিৰ হোৱাদি এপ্লিকেশ্বন হাতত লৈ প্লিজ চাৰ প্লিজ বুলি হাতে ভৰি ধৰি আৰু কেতিয়াও নাজাও বুলি মা কছম খাই আৰম্ভ কৰি দিও! তেও নুবুঁজেহে নুবুঁজে! তেওঁক মাথো আমাৰ গাৰ্জেনৰ ফোন নাম্বাৰ হে লাগে। আমাৰো উপাই নাই এয়াৰচেল, ভোদাফোনৰ কাষ্টমাৰ কিয়াৰ নম্বৰ মনত কৰাত লাগি যাওঁ। তেনেতে ৱাৰ্ডেন বৰা চাৰ আহি “ও তঁহতে’ বুলি মিছিকিয়াই হাঁহি এটা মাৰি (আমাৰো মন মে লাড্ডু ফুটা হৈ যায় ) এইবাৰ লাষ্ট চানচ্চ কিন্তু ! নেক্সট বাৰ বেডিং লৈ ওলাবি”। চাৰেও কিন্তু জানে সেইখিনি যে আমাৰ ক্ষন্তেকীয়া অভিনয় হে আছিল।

এনেকৈ বহাগৰ মাহটো বিয়া খাওতে গৈছিল। এতিয়া সময় সলনি হ’ল নিমন্ত্ৰিত বিয়াত যাব হলে ও লাজে আহি নাকত ধৰে। সময়ৰ পাক চক্ৰত পৰি সকলো এতিয়া বেলেগে বেলেগে! ভাবিলে এতিয়া বৰকৈ নষ্টালজিক হৈ যাঁও! কি দিন আছিল! কি হ’ল গৈ আৰু বা কি হ’ব?