I have tried to find myself, through my friends, my family and the people I love, the people I lost in the journey of my life.

I have tried to learn about myself from the passing stranger who asked for directions, from the beggar who asked for some alms. I have even tried to learn about myself from the world around me.

Here is what I have concluded – I am an eternal learner.

I am a very different guy than the ones whom you come across. I’d go out of the way to make you happy but won’t think twice before destroying the bridge between you and I if you even remotely try to hurt my respect.

I am a very calm individual, who likes to laugh a lot. I make friends, I love to make them feel special.

I am a very stupid guy.

I often trust the one whom I shouldn’t. I often love the one whom I shouldn’t. I often hurt the one whom I didn’t want to.

If I have hurt you in any possible way, then I am sorry. But I will only apologize for the hurt that I gave you deliberately, not the hurt that you got after expecting something else.

I forget a lot.

I am sorry but that’s a fact. I forget bad memories faster than good ones. From forgetting keys to forgetting your birthday, be prepared for everything.

The more you will expect from me, the greater the pleasure will it be mine to disappoint you.

I am responsible for what I say, not what you hear.

This is me, Antim, and I welcome you to a journey…with me…yet without me.


স্বপ্নই দিলেহি দৃষ্টি জীৱনত আলোক বঞ্চিত এই জৰদ্গব  অন্ধ সম্ৰাটক


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