Father’s Day

“Always be on the side of truth my son. Remember, even if the whole world leaves your side, truth will always cling to you and ultimately you will win”  

Khanindra Nath Das .jpg

The power house.

I still remember my childhood days. I used to get up early to say good morning to him but he was already out for morning job and at night I always wanted to say goodnight but he was late. On for family for us for me, he worked hard did all his efforts put all his power used all his sweat so that we live a comfortable lavish life and he did everything. He never believes in going to a temple and kirtonghor to pray. He would rather lift a person standing in the middle of the road on a scorching hot day and go out of the way to drop him to his destination than going to a holy place. His heart full of good deeds are his temple. I wish I so can be like him! If all else fails in life, if I try and don’t succeed, if I rise to the top, I will always remember to be proud to be what I am, my true self no matter what and all thanks to my father. He has cultivated important values of hard work, humanity respect, compassion for other and always taught us to possess a big heart. I am truly truly blessed to have a father like Khanindra Nath Das.



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